Electrical Flashing

18" Multiwire Cobra Head (PVC) Aluminum Flashing

  • SKU: P-12099-18
  • BOX QTY: 5


  • 18" high spun aluminum base with removable 3 piece PVC head, 21" overall height
  • PVC head allows for up to 4 shielded electrical cables with weather tight seal
  • Factory insulated base with ¾" thickness polyurethane foam
  • Complete with TPO drain dome and 2 screws
  • 2" I.D. between walls of insulation
  • 11.5" wide flange on base of flashing

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What our Customers have to say

"A super product that will make the competitors open their eyes to affordable quality. A plastic diaphram in the head can be punctured for 1-4 feed lines."

Darrel Henderson, BTC Group

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