Electrical Flashing

Four Nipple Electrical Flashing

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  • EPDM and TVP boot designed for 4 separate wiring locations, each with their own variable diameter cut-out.
  • EPDM and TVP provide excellent flex fatigue resistance and ozone resistance.
  • 4 MJ clamps supplied to secure and seal openings around wiring as needed.
  • 2 large diameter 2 1/2" openings and 2 smaller 1 ½" openings.
  • EPDM boot top over a seamless spun aluminum base with double groove for secure fit.
  • Seamless spun aluminum base is 6" high and 14" in diameter.
  • Total height with EPDM boot is 9" in height.
  • Ideal for multiple wiring applications on low slope roof.

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What our Customers have to say

"A super product that will make the competitors open their eyes to affordable quality. A plastic diaphram in the head can be punctured for 1-4 feed lines."

Darrel Henderson, BTC Group

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